About Lfj Gill Works

This is a website in progress, a virtual gallery, reading-room, and theater for works by Lfj Gill.

We are working on the links and site navigation, though most are functional now. We recommend enjoying the site on a computer or tablet, rather than on a phone, as art and writing are not best viewed on small phone screens. Please bear with us as we pursue W. Edward Deming's philosophy of "continual improvement"

Meanwhile, what is here is free to enjoy. In future, some may appear in published form on Amazon or elsewhere.

The site is one-page, for now. Please scroll down to find "Hawk and Otter," a children's story-book-video; "Mama Cat," a short story; "An American Tapestry," a semi-fictional tale written for the nation's birthday―in the midst of the 2020 double pandemic. Then scroll further for a selection of graphic haiku.

Future additions will include: poems, fiction, journals, excerpts from a semi-fictional memoir, and selected photo art. We hope you'll join us for some or all.

If you would like to be notified when new work is posted, please mention this and any other thoughts in the Contact form at the bottom of the page. We promise emails will be brief and seldom, and your email addresses kept private and shared with no one.

Thank you for visiting!

                   --Lfj Gill January 3, 2021