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This is a website in progress, a virtual gallery, reading-room, and movie theater. All images, writings and videos are copyright Lfj Gill 2021.

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Scroll down to find "Hawk and Otter," a children's story-book-video; "Mama Cat," a short story; "An American Tapestry," a docu-story written for the nation's birthday in the midst of the 2020 double pandemic. Then scroll further on for a selection of graphic haiku.

Future posts will include: poems, fiction, journals, excerpts from a semi-fictional memoir, and selected photo art. Hoping you'll revisit from time to time.

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Lfj Gill

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Hawk and Otter laughing on black bckgr c

A children's read-along story-book on video,

by Lfj Gill and Edy Johnson

[Note: Unfortunately, the "Hawk and Otter" links don't seem

to work on all phones. But you can find the full video

by just googling "Hawk and Otter."]


Mama Cat


 A short story

Tapestry excerpts website.jpg

A semi-fictional piece about our nation

in the midst of the double pandemic of 2020


Graphic Haiku

     While my haiku do follow a 3-line, 5-7-5 syllable pattern, their content is not necessarily tied to nature and seasons. Rather, most simply seek to elicit a single insight, meant to ripple outward in the reader's mind.

     The images accompanying the haiku are meant as complements, something like the settings of stones in jewelry.

     But what is the essence of haiku?

     Here is one writer's attempt to pin it down: He surveyed haiku poets and scholars around the world, then published a 7,000-word, 13,000-syllable article to illuminate a one-breath, 17-syllable art form.

    Did he succeed? You be the judge.

                                 ― Lfj Gill

Seventeen small sounds cropt 12-30-20.jp
Pg 40 where are they copy.jpg

Haiku: saying a lot in a little


He always spoke first when I brought along an apple.

Pg 31 I talk to creatures copy.jpg
dont leave me hollow cropt.jpeg

With a thank you to Cameron Crowe


"Haiku is basically an epiphany" ―Bruce Ross, poet

Pg 48 you few with so much .jpg

"How much can you say in seventeen syllables?" my friend asked.

Just then two pileated woodpeckers screamed over the treetops

dropping the whole of human history on our heads.

Shrill Shrieks wix.jpg
Yes the deep sorrow for wix.jpg
come euridice wix.jpg

"Forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before..."

                                           --Phil. 3: 13,14


                     a moment

 late i lie in bed wix.jpg
Years are minutes wix.jpg

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